platform bodies

Platform bodies 18/26/32 ton from BICKEL-TEC GmbH

  • Customers can select from versatile equipment options Body with a very low net weight, thus high payload.
  • 5 ton point load per wheel
  • Loading capacities up to 19 ton
  • Load lengths up to 9.40 m
  • Very low load heights, starting at 1 meter, due to the design
  • Heavy duty perforated plate made from fine-grained steel complete with an anti-slip covering The perforated plate enables countless 2.5 ton rigging options.
  • Lashing rings each for 5.0 tons, 8 pieces per meter
  • Floating position on the ramp cylinders, electrically controlled.
  • Total length of ramps 4800 mm, width 750 mm, approx. 7° ramp angle.
  • Ramps divided with a hydraulic sideways movement, completely collapsible, with hydraulic stretching of the entire ramp, mechanical telescope pendulum supports, mounted on the partition.
  • Shortened ramp unloading with attached ramp head. Overlay can be removed.
  • Selection of 2 front wall heights.
  • Selection of 2 ramp widths 750 + 900 mm with 8° ramp inclination.
  • Bodies completely blasted and spray-galvanized. Ramps coated with KTL.
  • Tested lashing as well as anti-slip certificate of the load surface.
  • Certified frictional coefficient and lashing point calculations as per VDI 2700, Sheet 14 and DIN EN 12195-1
  • Certified calculations for the lashing points in the platform body and in the perforated plate
  • CE certified
  • Made in Germany

Video lashing point and coefficient of friction test

construction 18 to.
constructin 26 to.
construction 32 to.
construction Tritem
ramps 750mm wide
ramps 900mm wide
control unit
high front wall
hydraulic support with movable plate
tank system with hose reel
large stainless steel storage box
canister holder
Trash can holder, water canister
Entry troughs with cover

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