complex painting operations

At the center of our paint shop are two ultra-modern paint shops. Both are specially designed for the dimensions of commercial vehicles. The very large painting system is designed as a painting and drying booth and has a total length of 19 meters. For smaller painting work on add-on parts or repair work, this cabin can be divided into three using roll-up doors.

The 2nd paint booth, which was newly installed in June 2018, is approx. 13 meters long and 5.5 meters wide. It features a novel extraction and air intake concept that provides significant advantages for the paint preparation process as well as the painting process.

We offer you the following standard options: 

  • Industrial paintwork
  • Truck, bus, vehicle paintwork
  • Helicopter paintwork
  • Boat paintwork
  • Labeling and designs of all kinds
  • Galvanized and painted platform
  • reliable, high-quality paint preparation
  • commercial vehicle painting operations
  • design painting operations