mobile hygiene towers for disinfectant dispensers

Triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated hygiene rules, we used our time when we had no orders to create a disinfection tower, incl. accessories, that costs way below the usual prices of over €400.

We offer 2 versions with the Tower Delux and Tower Basic.

Because this pandemic has left deep marks in all aspects of life, this elegant tower will be perfect for use in public facilities as well as restaurants, company offices, doctor’s offices, etc. even after the pandemic has ended. Your visitors, guests, patients, etc. will thank you for it.

We currently also offer size-adjusted towers for daycare centers and schools.

These towers are described in more detail in the brochure and are now available for immediately purchase, including disinfectant, from BICKEL-TEC in Rheinau-Helmlingen.